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Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid

To ensure funds are distributed equitably between applicants, we will have an open application period each session. After the application period ends, our Financial Aid Committee will review all submitted applications and award funds based on family need.

The deadline to apply for financial aid for Fall after-school programs is September 21st.
We cannot guarantee aid for late applicants, but we encourage you to fill out an application as we may be able to find additional funds after the first round of offers.

Financial Aid Policies

We do our best to help everyone with demonstrated need; however, financial aid monies available each term are limited. Most awards will be partial aid.

All applicants and recipients must re-apply for financial aid each session they are interested in.

Financial aid applications must be filled out completely, including the attachment of tax documents or paystubs. We will not process incomplete applications. If you are having trouble attaching documents to your application, e-mail education@berkeleyplayhouse.org or call (510) 845-8542 ext.351.

You must include information for all parents/guardians who have full or partial responsibility for the enrolled child (whether or not they reside in the same household). You must include information for all adults living in the household, as well.

Please note:  Based on the number of applications received each session, returning financial aid recipients may receive a different amount of aid than they have in previous sessions.

Berkeley Playhouse reserves the right to award financial aid based on seniority in our programs.

Berkeley Playhouse does not discriminate in our awarding of financial aid based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.


If you have read the above policies and procedures and would like to apply for financial aid, please fill out the form linked below. Be sure to include your most recent tax return or three months’ worth of paystubs for all households.

Applicants for Classes & Camps: Once an application is received, a spot in the program you have applied for will be put on hold within the next business day.

Returning YouthStage participants: You must also fill out an application here to reserve your spot in the program and select your desired section. Filling out a Financial Aid application does not guarantee your spot in a YouthStage program.

Students auditioning for YouthStage: You may fill out a Financial Aid application now for your desired program (please indicate that you will be auditioning). If you are interested in taking a class if not admitted to YouthStage, please indicate the class in which you would like us to hold a spot.

The deadline to apply for financial aid for Fall after-school programs is September 21st.

If you have any questions, please e-mail education@berkeleyplayhouse.org.

Fall 2020 Programs : Click Here For Financial Aid Application

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