Theater Arts Education FAQ

Summer 2021

Q: What practices will be in place at camp to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

A: We will be following the California Department of Public Health’s Interim Guidance for Day Camps. Practices will include, but are not limited to:

  • Requiring the use of appropriate face coverings by all students and staff.
  • Inappropriate face coverings: neck gaiters, bandanas, and all masks with vents
  • Promoting healthy hygiene practices, including regular and frequent handwashing, symptom screenings, and encouraging anyone who is unwell to stay home.
  • Intensified cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation of facilities.
  • Maintaining social distancing and minimizing sharing of spaces and supplies between individuals and groups. 

Q: How much time will be spent outdoors during the camp day?

A: Each camp will spend portions of their day indoors (in well-ventilated spaces) and outdoors. It is unlikely that we will hold any camps entirely outside.

Q: How many students and teachers will be in each group?

A: Depending on space sizes, groups will include between 10 and 16 campers, with one or two teachers per group. 

Q: Will my child have a final performance at the end of camp?

A: We will have no invited performances for this year’s summer camps. Groups may perform for their peers, and each will record a short keepsake video to be shared with friends and family.

Q: Is my child’s grade the one they just finished, or the one they’ll be entering in the fall?

A: Our camp grade levels are based on the student’s rising grade: the grade they will be in in the upcoming school year. For example, if your child is finishing 1st grade, they would be eligible for a camp for 2nd graders.

Q: I have a credit on my account from last summer. How can I use that to pay for camp this year?

A: To apply a credit on your account, please email Please note that you will need to know either the email address associated with your account or your Customer Number.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We understand that there are many concerns surrounding the pandemic, and things are constantly changing. Because of this, we have decided to relax our usual refund policy this year, and allow for refund requests up to one week before the camp start date.

  • We encourage you to enroll now to secure your child’s spot in their desired camp. We will reach out via email no later than two weeks before the camp start date to confirm all significant details (including location and percentage of time spent outdoors), and you are welcome to request a refund if you’re not completely comfortable with the plan. 

Q: Will you be offering any online-only options this summer?

A: At this time, we do not have plans to offer online-only summer camps in 2021. That being said, if you are interested in enrolling in an online summer camp, please contact our Classes & Camps Manager, Mary Cait Hogan, at Based on demand, we may consider offering some limited online options. 

Theater Arts Education FAQ


Q: Do you have financial aid/scholarships?

A: We do have limited, need-based Financial Aid available for each session. Learn more about Financial Aid or apply for Financial Aid.

Q: Do you pro-rate classes?

A: We do not pro-rate classes during any of our sessions.

Q: Where do your classes take place?

A: Unless otherwise indicated, classes take place in the rehearsal studio space of the Berkeley Playhouse at the Julia Morgan Theater at 2640 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 or at one of our nearby satellite locations.

Q: My child is going to be late/absent from class/camp/rehearsal. Who should I contact?

A: For classes and camps: Email or call (510) 845-8542 x376 or (510) 845-8542 x379. Our education staff will pass word along to your child's teacher. For youth productions first contact your assistant director via Teamsnap or email.

Q: How do I know which level to enroll my child in?

A: We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels. All of our programs will denote the appropriate students grade range.

MakeBelievers is for our youngest performers (ages 2-5) and focus on creative storytelling.

Our camps and classes are best for students who are not, or are just becoming, familiar with theatrical experience and would like to build their confidence in acting, singing, and dancing as well as just to have fun.

Our application-based core classs are for students who have some existing theatrical experience or have taken other classes with us. Additionally, Skill-Building classes offer anyone of any level the opportunity to develop necessary musical theatre skills such as singing, dancing, and voice training.

Q: How can I get on an email list to receive information about class offerings and youth auditions?

A: Please sign up for an account ("log in" at top of page) to start receiving information about all Berkeley Playhouse activities and events.

Q: I registered my child after the enrollment deadline. How do I know if they will get a spot?

A: In the event that you register after the enrollment deadline, you will be contacted a week before the class begins letting you know if a spot is available. Please do not come to the class if you have not been contacted about enrollment.

Q: How do I know when my child's final showing is?

A: The last day of class is when final showings are held. Students should be dropped off for their class at the usual time and the doors will open to family and friends 45 minutes to a half hour before the class ends. For the winter break and summer break camps, the final showing may take place on either the second to last or last day of the program. Times will vary based on other final showings and available space. Please check the initial parent email and handout or with the teacher if you have any questions.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please email

Q: I have to withdraw my child from a class. What are your refund policies?

A: Your payment is a commitment to attend the class for which you register. Tuition deposits and payments are used to secure teachers, supplies, and space reservations and our ability to plan depends on timely and full payments. Tuition is due upon enrollment in order to ensure your spot in a program.

  • Classes: If you decide to withdraw from a class at least two weeks before the start date of the program, all but a $50 fee will be fully refunded. If you decide to withdraw after that deadline, all but a $50 fee will be credited to your account to be used for a Conservatory program within a year from the date the credit was issued. Sorry, no refunds or credits will be given 24 hours after the first class.
  • Camps: Tuition is due upon enrollment in order to ensure your spot in a class. If you decide to withdraw from a camp at least two weeks before the start date of the program, all but a $50 fee will be fully refunded. Because of the high-demand for our camp programming, no refunds or credits will be given after this deadline.
  • Youth Productions: Tuition is due upon enrollment in order to ensure your spot in KidStage or TeenStage. If you decide to withdraw at least one month before the start date of the program, all but a $100 fee will be fully refunded. Because of limited space, we can only refund tuition after this date if we can find another student to take your spot. Because of the high demand for our Summer Youth Production programming, refunds for summer productions will only ever be given if another student is available to take your place.