Classes & Camps

What does a typical day in class or camp look like?

A typical day in class at the Playhouse begins with a community circle outlining the goals and expectations for the day. Our Teaching Artist Instructors design lesson plans specifically catered to the skill level and needs of the class.

Daily activities include

  • Drama games
  • Skill building exercises in acting, singing and dancing
  • Craft time to create props that may be used if the final performance
  • Rehearsal time for the final showing performance.
Rehearsal time will give students a chance to put new performance skills to work and create imaginative characters and stories. We end the day with another community circle check-in highlighting the accomplishments of the day.

At the end of every session, parents are invited to a musical performance with costumes, props, and live music for all classes grades 2 and up.
What’s the difference between a class and a camp?

Classes are longer, after-school programs during Fall, Winter, and Spring. Camps typically run 1-3 weeks during school breaks. Summer camps are our biggest program of the year, with 13 weeks of classes. We also offer Spring Break and Winter Break classes. 

What kind of classes and camps can I take at Berkeley Playhouse?

Our standard Classes and Camps

All of classes and camps incorporate a variety of theatre games, community-building activities, and culminate in a 20-30 minute final showing for friends and family. Our standard camps and classes are story-based, with a new theme every session. Students join their favorite characters in an exploration of storytelling and performing! As an ensemble, students rehearse their show while learning the basics of acting, singing, and movement. 

Core Classes

Core introduces experienced performers to intermediate/advanced movement, vocal technique, character development and more. Students work twice a week to put on a final showing on the professional stage. We recommend that students take at least two non-core classes prior to enrolling. For acceptance into this class students must submit an application.


Our intensive skill-building classes focus on a particular area of theatrical performance, helping students hone their technique and become a stronger performer. Students collaborate with their director to select the material they will work on during the class. Their work will be presented in a final showing for friends and family. Each class day will consist of a warm-up, both individual and group skills development, and end with a check-in to self-evaluate their own progress.

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