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Youth Production Enrollment

Returning TeenStage or KidStage members: Please look for an email from education@berkeleyplayhouse.org instructions on our all-new enrollment process.

New to TeenStage or KidStage: An audition is required to be admitted to the program. Schedule an audition here.

Having trouble enrolling in KidStage or TeenStage? Contact our Youth Productions Manager at (510) 845-8542 x303. We're happy to help!

Our Two-Step Enrollment Process

Here at Berkeley Playhouse, we look at our practices and adjust to new information so that we can improve your and your child’s experience here.

As BPH continues to grow in popularity, our sections fill up fast, sometimes stranding returning students on the waitlist, and often making it difficult, if not impossible, for new students to find an entry point.

This session, in order to reduce the amount of students on wait lists, we are asking parents to sign up for a title rather than a specific section. Our education team will then balance each section to provide the best learning opportunity for all children.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to submit registration forms. We will be accepting registration forms until 5PM on June 22, 2018. Please submit as soon as possible, as priority will be given in the order applications are received.

On June 29, 2018 you will receive an email with an offer code to your student’s section. At this point, you will have one week to accept and pay for that spot or it may be released.

Enrollment FAQ:

What will you consider when placing a student?

  • The order in which applications are received.
  • The student's grade. We are still grouping students by grade, but the age spread of a section will depend on the number of applicants received for each particular grade.
  • Carpool and friend groups. We know that this is an important factor and we will strive to honor these requests to the best of our ability.

Why are you doing this?

  • Equitable access, we are trying to make sure the needs of our students from various means and backgrounds are included in our program.
  • Reducing the amount of returning students on waitlists. We hope this will also allow us to provide all our wonderful community of returning students a spot in our programs.
  • Creating groups that are balanced by age and ability so we can provide the best experience for all.

What does the new process entail?

  • The first step will to be to fill out a pre-registration form indicating your preferences.
  • Next, you will receive an email with an offer code to your student’s section. This email will include the names of the other students in this section and all important dates. You will have one week to accept and pay for that spot or it may be released.
  • If you do not receive your first choice of section, you may ask to be put on the waiting list for another section.

Thank you for your support and help as we continue to improve and support systems for our students and community. We are always reflecting and evaluating our processes and are grateful for your patience as we trial a new system.

AUDITION WORKSHOP (July 30 - August 3)

Camp runs Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm at the Julia Morgan.
Final Showing will be on the final day of camp at 2pm. Price: $375.

Click here to enroll.

Fall 2018 Productions


When a storm hits her family farm in Kansas, young Dorothy and her dog Toto are swept over the rainbow to a magical land where scarecrows talk, tin men sing, lions (barely) roar, and where one very wicked witch rules the skies. One of the most treasured stories of the 20th century, The Wizard of Oz is filled with the songs that made it an instant classic.

Production Details

KidStage Oz Section 1 (Grades 4-7 TBD)
  • Section dates: 9/13 - 1/6 (Please note this section will be dark Thanksgiving week and 12/21-12/28)
  • Rehearses: Tuesday/Thursday 4-6pm and Saturdays 2-6pm
  • Training dates: 9/15, 9/18, 9/20, 9/22
  • Mandatory technical rehearsals: 1/1-1/4 3:45-8:00pm (*Please note this is during some school's Winter Breaks this year, please check availability before filling out forms)
  • Shows: 1/5 @ 1pm and 6pm, 1/6 @ 12pm and 5pm
KidStage Oz Section 2 (Grades 4-7 TBD)
  • Section dates: 9/12 - 1/13 (Please note this section will be dark Thanksgiving week and 12/22-1/4)
  • Rehearses: Monday/Wedneday 4-6pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm
  • Training dates: 9/15, 9/17, 9/19, 9/24
  • Mandatory technical rehearsals: 1/7-1/11 3:45-8:00pm
  • Shows: 1/11 @6pm, 1/12 @ 1pm and 6pm, 1/13 @ 12pm


In Roaring Twenties Chicago, Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband, Amos, to take the rap... until he finds out he's been duped and turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to Death Row, Roxie and another "Merry Murderess," Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the "American Dream": fame, fortune, and acquittal.

Production Details

TeenStage Section 1 (Upper Grades TBD)
  • Section dates: 9/20 - 1/20 (Please note this section will be dark Thanksgiving week and 12/22-1/4)
  • Rehearses: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8:30pm and Sundays 2-6pm
  • Training dates: 9/23, 9/25, 9/27, 10/2
  • Mandatory technical rehearsals: 1/14 - 1/18 4:30-9:00pm
  • Shows: 1/19 @ 1pm and 6pm, 1/20 @ 12pm and 5pm
TeenStage Section 2 (Younger Grades TBD)
  • Section dates: 9/28 - 1/27 (Please note this section will be dark Thanksgiving week and 12/22-1/4)
  • Rehearses: Mondays/Fridays 4:00-6:00pm and Sundays 10am-2pm
  • Training dates: 9/30, 10/1, 10/5, 10/7
  • Mandatory technical rehearsals: 1/21 - 1/24 3:45-8:30pm
  • Shows: 1/26 @ 1pm and 6pm, 1/27 @ 12pm and 5pm

Be sure to read our education terms and conditions before you enroll

Please click on the title of the Production to see rehearsal and show calendar. If no shows appear below, classes have not yet been announced or you have not entered your Enrollment Code in the Promo Code box. 


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